Does she REALLY have THIS MANY BABIES? 😲 (goat pregnancy ultrasound)

24-Sen, 2020
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Could Stella really be pregnant with this many babies? Watch the ultrasound to help us find out!
Each morning on our one acre farm in the city of Phoenix, Arizona, we start the day with milking goats, feeding pigs, and gathering eggs. We have a small plot of land, but boy, do we make the most of it. Each animal on our farm is taken care of holistically & organically. We let the mama goats raise their babies until they reach 10 weeks of age and are naturally weaned from nursing. We keep a small herd of 5-7 milking goats, mainly the Nigerian Dwarf breed, although we still have the queen of the herd, Luna, our Nubian goat. We use the fresh goat's milk to make cheese, butter, cream, and we use it in all sorts of baking & cooking. We love that we can walk into our backyard and gather food. It's the best feeling ever!
After the morning chores, we usually tend to the pond -- we're always adding new pond plants and fish to maintain the delicate ecosystem of our natural swimming pool. Our backyard farm is full of adventures, and we're so happy to share our farm vlog with you. Hopefully you can feel inspired to grow something of your own, or care for an animal with kindness like we strive to do. Thanks for watching!
👉Bean Salad Recipe:
- 3 cups cooked beans any kind (black, white, navy, chickpeas, kidney)
- 3 tomatoes, diced
- 1/2 white onion, chopped
- 2 c. steamed, diced butternut squash
- 1/2 c. minced herbs (basil, parsley, cilantro)
- 1/2 c. olive oil
- 1/3 c. vinegar
- 1 tsp. salt
- 2 tsp. cumin
- 1 TBS. minced garlic
- 1 TBS. mustard
Mix all ingredients, then pour vinaigrette over salad and enjoy!
🦄 Our Ultrasound:
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  • Well, this surprised us! Watch the video and comment below how many you think she'll have (we'll do another ultrasound in a week to make a final count)! YAY Zorro -- his first offspring!

    Weed 'em & ReapWeed 'em & Reap28 kun oldin
    • 6

      Raylee DoranRaylee Doran15 kun oldin
    • @Gklle Robloxzorro is the dad

      Christopher StanberryChristopher Stanberry17 kun oldin
    • Hi so I grow potatoes all the time and it doesn't make a difference if you dry out the potatoes or not

      mak smak s21 kun oldin
    • I think 3.

      Maggies FarmMaggies Farm21 kun oldin
    • ALEXIS GRIMMETT Wear them down! Haha!

      Maggies FarmMaggies Farm21 kun oldin
  • Oh my I hope she has three I will love to see them and I love baby goats they are to hilarious ❤️❤️

    Cyleigh BCyleigh B2 kun oldin
  • 😆😂 i love Lydeas British accent!😂

    Cookie GamesCookie Games3 kun oldin
  • I mistook Tatum for Tilly!

    Moon LightMoon Light5 kun oldin
  • why u do this with baby fishes if u cought them then u should leave them again ..👎🏻👎🏻

    kaur kaurkaur kaur5 kun oldin
  • For her baby's Girls Sadie, star, Sylvia, sky or Skye, storm, Boys sage, Santiago, Shiloh, Sami,

    Olivia JammalOlivia Jammal7 kun oldin
  • Oh wow that’s a lot of baby but I can’t wait to see her be a mom and Do you see the babies counted 4 but I am not sure I love u guys

    Nichole JaskoskiNichole Jaskoski11 kun oldin
  • I would like to know where to get a dirt "loosener" like the one you have in this video.

    Joëlle GazailleJoëlle Gazaille12 kun oldin
  • I just watched when Stella was born 😍😍😍😍 so excited to see Stella's babies 😍

    Jswife 4lifeJswife 4life15 kun oldin
  • Bean Salad!!! One of my favorites and I’m from New England :) congrats you Stella she’s going to be an excellent mama 💜

    Chelsea CurranChelsea Curran16 kun oldin
  • I have a question? So today in my bio animal science class we talked about blind teats. Have your ever had a goat or met one that has had one?

    Mina AshidoMina Ashido16 kun oldin
  • I always get stella and luna mixed up

    Life As AaliyahLife As Aaliyah16 kun oldin
  • Are you guys still posting on Mondays

    Peyton EdwardsPeyton Edwards17 kun oldin
  • I think Stella has 4 babies maby more

    Rebecca McInroyRebecca McInroy17 kun oldin
  • Hello, I am from Algeria. I love you so much. Please speak French, I didn't understand English. Thank you

    عالم الطبخ و الخياطةعالم الطبخ و الخياطة18 kun oldin
  • I think it will be 4 or 5

    Bob PaisleyBob Paisley18 kun oldin
  • It's pretty beautiful how the children interact with each other.

    SSSS18 kun oldin
  • It's quite refreshing seeing a sponsorship from something that helps people with physical/mental problems. I don't get migraines but I'm glad there's something out there that helps people who do

    Riley LouisRiley Louis19 kun oldin
  • Can you let us know where you got your self a ultrasound like that

    silentnightsilentnight20 kun oldin
  • Please don't fish again !

    Sara ParaschivSara Paraschiv20 kun oldin
    • Why not?

      Weed 'em & ReapWeed 'em & Reap20 kun oldin
  • 🐥😁😔😂🦜🐰🐰🌻🌻💙💙💙💙💙 Argentina 💙🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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  • Omg! I love the goats!!!😍

    yin yang witchyin yang witch21 kun oldin
  • ultrasound machine details and prices please

    Emaan HareemEmaan Hareem21 kun oldin
  • Names for Stella baby’s: Boys: Solar, Saturn, Sun, Siren Girls: Star, Sunny, Sunset, Summer, Spring, Snow Please keep the space theme going with Luna and Stella’s line

    Kaitlyn PaoKaitlyn Pao21 kun oldin
  • I was excited to see long beans do you all like them? I just ordered 2 different types from a youtuber lol. They just look so cool in the garden

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  • Well you sayed ungen again 😶

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  • If she really has that meny baby I am going to flip and be so happy

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  • How hard is milking a goat

    Wyatt PerlmanWyatt Perlman23 kun oldin
  • I love your videos! They are so educational and interesting!

    Dennis SennikovskiDennis Sennikovski23 kun oldin
  • I got a name for a girl Scarlet and a boy Steven I remember when Willow was born she is so big and had some of her own and I want to say hi to all of you! And I’ve watched y’all for so LONG

    Noodle_ Plays _Roblox :pNoodle_ Plays _Roblox :p23 kun oldin
  • Stella baby names Elvira Elvis Sapphire Stark

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  • Great video

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  • I thought pigs are vegetarian?!

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  • Thanks for the Cove info,

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  • I have some name segestion can you name a girl savahna or scarlett or sandy and a boy sunny Soro like Zoro and Skyler

    Maria PkheaMaria Pkhea24 kun oldin
  • The cats would love those fish!

    rebecca hardenrebecca harden24 kun oldin
  • Ahhh- don't use potatoes from the store to grow potatoes. They use something on it that keeps them from growing sprouts really well. Get seed potatoes.

    Rach WindRach Wind24 kun oldin
  • Who's the goat that has the most babies in your farm

    Yvonne MoralesYvonne Morales24 kun oldin
  • Man must be nice to grow stuff in the winter. Lol all we can grow in Wisconsin then is snow! Lol

    Abigail RudnitzkiAbigail Rudnitzki24 kun oldin
  • Ik I'm late but I have names for babys ( Stella's) Girls Sage Star Sun Moon Shadow Evie Eve Boys Sade Sam (I'm very creative! ...not) Stereo Look idk I only have good names for girls XD

    Rose HaglandRose Hagland24 kun oldin
  • Video idea :): could you maybe do a quick video part on CAE and if your does have been tested. I just got news of my buck having it and so my doe may have it (same breeder) and it wondering your take on it.

    Inca NeonInca Neon24 kun oldin
  • Eeeekkk can’t wait to see the baby’s I wonder what they will look like but all I know is the they are going to be cute and beautiful Here are some baby goat names Girls Alice,Aries,Sammy,Brooklyn and Sakura Boys Samuel,Michael,Alexander,Scorpio,Tiger Lillie

    Mackenzie PurvisMackenzie Purvis24 kun oldin
  • Haha watched where you sold the sheep and got a duck friend and he was having nothing of her ..lolol

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  • I remember when she was just born she has grown so much from when she was a baby!💛

    ValentinaValentina25 kun oldin
  • Imagine a weedem&reap colab with emmymadeinjapan A DREAM

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  • Reckon 4 kids

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  • I think she has 4!

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  • What could I replace the squash with?

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  • What kind of squash is that? Where can I get seeds?

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  • I think he will have two or three. I love your videos!

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    • She

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  • On the bean soup, can something be substituted for the tomato? I'm not a fan of them.

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  • Luna be like girl what did I tell u to close ur legs I’m not ready for grandma too young to be nany

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  • Why don’t your goats have horns? Is it the breed of goats? Love Luna. Luna has floppy ears and no horns.

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  • You have a good buck

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  • I'm hoping the babies and really cute they looks they're gonna be amazing in the mom's gonna be really good hopefully and I really like your guys videos it's really cool nice

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  • Hi! May i ask where you got the mosquito fish? Thanks

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  • Wow, that is a lot of babies. Anyway, I have some name suggestions based off a good video game called Rune Factory 4! For girls- Dolce which is pronounced dol-se. Amai, Forte, and Clorica! Forte is pronounced For-tay, and for the boys names! Leon, Dylas, Doug, and Kiel! I put an extra name for each just incase there's more females than males or vice versa.

    Some Random ChildSome Random Child25 kun oldin
  • Yep I think she pregnant for sure

    Natasha WrightNatasha Wright25 kun oldin
  • The bean salad looks REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Do you serve it after refrigeration, or room temperature? I LOVE seeing the kids do their individual sections!!! Both of them are so amazing and gorgeous!!!! Ethan was close enough to the camera one could really see his eye color. Wow, the color of his eyes is really intriguing and gorgeous.!!! Lydia's bright energetic spunky personality cute hair cut and beautiful face... both of them are knock outs!!! Ethan's personality is great as well, he just seems a bit more laid back, which is great in a man!!!!!! It looked to me like Stella has 3.

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  • My mom Jackie

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  • Daniel: i really hope she's pregnant Ultrasound: shows 3 babys* Thumbnail: shows six babys * Daniel:😶😯😱😍❤ Me: NOPEE nothing but babys My non existent goats: WE NEEDS TO GETS PREGNANT NOW OR STELLA WILL HAVE THE WORLDS RECORD OF BABY GOATS ME: wholey cow Yall STELLA AND YOU BABYS are gonna take over the world Humans thousands of years later: getting walked on leashes by dogs and put in goat cages* Wow this so random sorry for waisting your time Have a good day/night Love ÄBBŶ EVER❤

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  • She is pregnant

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  • That's awesome congrats way to cute aww ❤️

    Goginaand alina BridgesGoginaand alina Bridges26 kun oldin
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